To decorate with a brush is safely one of the most various methods and used for the decoration of an object, both underglaze and on enamel. The colors well blended be applied in like manner to watercolor, proceeding from the lightest to the darkest.

The old technique ofc.tradiz. spolvero pouncing is executed using a sheet perforated by a needle along the form of the design that we want to realize. Then, it is carefully laid upon the glazed surface of the item and it is knocked with a small bag containing coal dust. The coal dust pass through the holes, outlining a trace that will be drawn once again with a brush.. 

The decoration is realized on the item previously glazed and it is entirely performed by hand. All the colours used for painting ceramics derive from different metallic oxides: from ferric oxide derive all the shades of yellow, from copper oxide all the shades of green, from cobalt oxide blue, from manganese oxide dark colours. photo photo

The layer of color must be that doesn't create strong thicknesses, because they could involve an imperfect fusion with the enamel base. Especially in the case of majolica decoration, the color should be very fluid and brush slides easily on the surface. For this use are recommended the brushes with tank, allowing greater retention of color, marking fine and continuous lines.

Thanks to craftsmen’s skills, experience and love for ceramic, each item has a unique value.

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